Hair and healthy food!

Hi guys,

I must talk about another issue here.

When I was starving I lost a lot of my hair. They became thin, dry and just weren’t as robust anymore. So I didn’t only lose weight but lost hair as well.

I hated myself even more with this.

Once I started eating something it became better but let me tell you: It still only was okay/average with an okay/average diet.

But when I started to work out and ate much more protein with veggies/fruits I got so thick, robust, shiny and fantastic hair. The entire structure has changed.

Always remember> Hair is primarily made out of protein (keratin)!

My pony tail became very heavy and thick and my hair just grew much faster. And down to the fact that it became more robust as well I could let it grow very long without any problems.

I cannot recommend enough to EAT well, to make sure you have enough protein in your diet and to take care of yourself. 

It changes so much in your life!

Take care and eat well…it does make a huge difference,


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