The pear shape - How to change this look?

Hi again,

since some people asked me about how to get rid of their pear shape, I’m happy to tell more about it in detail.

First of all> What is a pear shape?

Girls with a pear shape tend to have fat storage on their hips and legs but close to none at their chest, arm and stomach area. Do not mix them up with the hour glass shape…as those lucky ones have fat storage around their hips AND chest/arm area.

So what happens is that the more body fat a girl with a pear shape has the more the hips and legs expand. The upper body normally stays nearly the same. 

The other thing is that women with a pear shape not only have most of their fat storage around their hips and legs BUT even their bone structure is normally slightly more wider around the hip area then average. So even when girls with a pear shape loose a lot of weight they will still have a round looking hip.

The other interesting thing to mention is that even the muscles around the hip and leg area tend to hypertrophy (growing bigger muscles from exercising) more then on any other part of the body.

So this looks like we really can’t win here :( Just getting skinny and making lots of starvation diets doesn’t help as all of your muscles would disappear around your upper body (as the muscles at the upper body of pear shaped girls tend to hypotrophy…means they tend to get small easy and it’s hard to train them on volume) to make your hips even more prominent and the wide hip bones and thick muscles around the legs would still be around the lower body.

SO the more we actually starve the more we come out of balance with our look and even more pear shaped. And if we put on weight again> Guess where it will be all going to;)…but now it would be even worse as the upper body is even smaller after all of this starving and the hips bigger then ever.

But what can we actually do?

Well…there is something :) Hooray!

It is called “body shaping”.

What does this mean?

Well, I train my clients after their body shapes. Means: When a girl comes into our studio with bigger hips and legs then I decide to NEVER EVER do ANY leg exercise with ANY WEIGHT at all. NEVER! Not even 3kg! And if she has to do 200 lunges and squats> I don’t care but NEVER do them with weights as your muscles around your legs tend to hypertrophy quite a lot if you are a pear shape… means> The legs will definitely getting bigger from exercising. 

To still get the legs strong, lean and toned we have to do body fat reduction (lots of cardio), leg exercises without weight (any), leg exercises in a stretched position (pilates/ callanetics) and good stretching after each session to not get the muscles to big and bulky looking.

Even if this sounds weird but I noticed that pear shaped women tend to have most of their strength in their legs and it is like an absolute power house down there. Muscles there grow fast!

But the most important thing a pear shaped girl needs to do is strength training for her upper body. And no: Here we have to go up! Train like a guy, train with big weights, as hard as you can and don’t be afraid of any challenge. ANY weight is welcome, any chin up, any press up and preferably anything involved in strengthening the shoulders from any direction since muscles are the only source we have up there to get some volume. We have no bones, no fat, no natural muscles there as a pear shaped person, so we need to get some “selfmade” muscles up there. We gotta train our upper body like a man!!!

And of course: We need to lose fat! A woman with a pear shaped body who doesn’t want this to be seen needs to go low in body fat to avoid any dis balance in her looks.

Body fat reduction works well with cardio (best interval) training and a low (GI) carb diet. 

The only thing to be aware of>

Since even your bone structure around the hips is wider then average you must know that you will have a gap between your legs once you are down to low body fat. Women with more narrow hips will not have this since their legs aren’t as far apart from each other. To show you what I mean …here is a pic of me>

Down to my bone structure (typical pear shape) I will always have round and wider hips. Because of this I will always look feminine even without any body fat at all down to my wide hip bones.

The only negative thing about having wide hip bones is once you finally are low in body fat, your legs will stand apart a bit. But of course> As soon as I would go up with my body fat my hips wouldn’t only grow to the inside but to the outside as well so it’s not really an option for me;)

About my shoulders:

As you can see on this pic I have worked out my deltoids and chest muscles to more volume so I have a little bit more of an balanced look. Since I’m a pear shape and NEVER have any breasts at all (if fat or skinny, there just never is anything) I had no choice but getting my chest line with my pec’s rather then my breasts :(

As you can see: Although there is absolutely nothing left on me anymore, I still have a small waist compared to my hips and shoulders down to the fact that my wide hip bone structure lets it look this way. Because of this a pear shaped women can work out as much as she likes but will never get this bulky midsection or straight look like (for example) Madonna has.

As those pics are about 4years old and I was even less active at this time I …again…post some more recent pics to make it more understandable what I mean with muscly upper body and wide hips:

You can easily see on my big calves the tendency on my hypertrophy around my legs as well. If I would train my already muscular calves on volume and strength they would be as big as the ones of a wrestler ;).

I must say that I do not feel comfortable with showing all of those pics around but I have noticed that for some ever reason it helps a lot to explain where I’m coming from. It helps my clients very much as well…and since I cannot post a pic of anyone else here, I have to use mine for this. I hate it…as the truth sometimes hurts (who wants to admit of being not perfect) but I’m happy to share my experience with you.

Fact is> We are all not born perfect and it is okay to be pear, apple or hourglass shaped but if you do not like it then there is a way to change it.

If you like I will post other blog entries about other body shapes. Might be interesting for some of you with different shapes :)

Question is? Are you willing to go this way?

Take care, enjoy your body and stay toned,


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